So, playthrough 2/2.5 question for you all. My brother and I want to postpone accepting sidequests until we hit level 50 in playthrough 2.5, so that the quest rewards all end up at 50. We weren't sure whether the Hammerlock quests in Southern Shelf would stay with him when he moves to Sanctuary; it turns out that they don't, as far as we can tell, so those quests are lost now. That's fine, no big deal.

(Minor level 16ish spoilers ahead) After
Sanctuary moves
does anyone know if those sidequests are also gone? Does anyone remember having available sidequests (sidequests not accepted, not "picked up but not finished") when that event happened, and if so were they still available after? Like I said, we'd like to save as many quests as possible for 50, but if those quests disappear we might as well do them all while we still can.

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Where are people finding out which enemies drop what? I've looked over multiple wikis and found only a fraction of them, and none even list the one orange item I've gotten so far (Legendary Soldier class mod).
This thread has the full list (spoilers, obviously, since it names bosses/locations).

As it says in the thread, the drops aren't guaranteed, those particular bosses simply have a much higher chance to drop those legendaries (which can also be found in unrelated spots).