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Thread: The Party Powerhouse Problem

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    While of course balance is relative, I will say that those stats seem in no way excessive for 11th level. For example, a straight-up core-only Half-Orc Barbarian 11, with no buff spells, could have:

    137 hp, AC 25, Saves +15 / 9 / 8
    Attack +15 (2d6 + 22)
    Raging Attack +18 (2d6 + 27)

    Maybe the other characters could use a little bit of help. The Rogue should have some hefty damage capability with the right circumstances (flanking or blinking for a full-attack of Sneak Attacks) and probably wants to be in stealth whenever they're not doing that. The Cleric archer is a potential powerhouse just by using some buff spells.

    I'm not saying that's the only approach to take, but it will have the benefit of making your game more compatible with future characters of a similar power level (like say, a plain Wizard 11 that's not trying much).
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