@ Biffoniacus, we are using some slight alterations for DD, I should have mentioned that. We stripped most of the additional benifits (a couple of +Ability stats, the Natural Armour increase and bonus spells) for increase to arcane caster level every other level. At the time I certianly thought he needed it because he was really falling behind (and he used to be a gnome until he was reincarnated into a Lizardfolk). Those house rules may be my fault but it seemed fine should the reincarnation not have ended up making him something with +2 instead of -2 to strength. Nonetheless it is a problem I now have to deal with.

I also wouldn't normally have given such powerful magic items so soon, but it was part of a storyline from back when they were level 4 when they found that a shop had that belt, and he obviously remembered that when they revisited the town.

I will probably end up throwing a bunch of mixed encounters at them

@Malak'ai, sounds like a good idea with the spells, but I wouldn't be surprised if the traps were triggered by the Rouge instead (he's a really crap trapfinder, he triggers them almost every time instead :P)

@icaefractal, I'll look into it. The Cleric archer is doing okay, though as she only has a strength of 9 (11 with gauntlets) she can't use Composite bows for added damage there. The Rogue can do a fair amount of damage when he does hit with sneak attack, but that normally means the Lizard is stood on the other side of the target so he's going to be smashed into dust fairly quickly anyway :P

Thanks for the ideas thus far guys :)