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    The world may be objective but society and social moored are subjective.

    The Gods may say that X,Y and Z (representing necromancy, murder and cheese making) are evil but how do we know this? Because the scripture says so? because the priests say so? or because the gods have told us directly. And even if that is the case who is to say that they are reliable expositors? Do they have access to the universal objective moral truths and if so do they have anything to gain by relating an unvarnished version of it.

    There is a difference between what we know IC and what we know OOC. A wizard can't exactly read the evil tag on a spell descriptor now can he?

    And then their is how you define evil itself. Is it about intent, action or outcome?


    I raze a skeleton
    Necromancy is an evil act
    Therefore I have committed an evil act


    I raze a skeleton to save another life
    Lifesaving is a good intent
    I have committed a good act.


    I raze a skeleton to save another life
    It goes on a rampage and slaughters people
    Slaughter is evil an evil outcome
    I have committed an evil act.
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