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This sounds like an absolutely terrible character.

As long as his enemies are using their actions in the first two rounds (debuffing, controlling, grappling, whatever they do), I'm amazed this guy's survived past the second encounter.

Sorry if this isn't useful feedback, but I actually have no idea how you could tone this down and leave it capable of taking on ECL 6 challenges.
Well, likely they aren't debuffing, just my guess. The fact that he "goes after spellcasters first" tells me that they aren't being slippery enough, because as a front-line fighter playing with a DM that like his battlefield control, let me tell you that it is HARD.

My advise? Web. Glitterdust. Grease.

GREASE. THAT REFLEX SAVE OR FALL. Seriously, Grease him repeatedly. he won't get anywhere, but your rogue/shadowdancer should get past it with flying colors and tear the mage a new one. There you go, rogue feel like he has a purpose.