to Project Earth [PM]:

In your last public statement you said you wish TRHI had been honest about its intent when they purchased airtime and bandwidth from WANN. That was all we wished to address.
About the other things you mentioned, put simple, we do not know what you are talking about.
Our intelligence forces surely never attacked yours, why should we? What would we possibly gain from it?
Our alliances havenít changes aver the last years, so what do you mean?

It appears someone was quite successful in deceiving you and fabricating evidence against us. Or more precisely, someone is systematically turning nations against each other and fabricating pretexts for war. Which group would profit the most if the rest of cislunar space is too distracted to stop them?

OOC: Could there ba a confusion between Technorapture Heavy Industries and the Amurian Technocracy?

to UON [PM]:

OOC: I send all of you, except razovor and Cínor due to full PM boxes, some new information I received. If those two would please make some space available?

Decreasing our dependency on earth is definitely in our interest, but while we do this and afterwards we should not burn the bridges behind us. Among the currently remaining powers, only three directly moved against us. True we have to watch our backs in any alliance with earth powers, but this does not mean such alliances canít benefit us. Besides for the next few generations, most of the human race will still live on earth, making it the largest pool for recruiting talented people and selling our products and services.
If we manage to control interplanetary colonisation, either directly or, what we prefer, indirectly this means we control humanities future. Access to space is not that big a concern for this, but dominating interplanetary transportation is. For the longest time TRHI was able to do this, by virtue of being the only faction concerning themselves with this but the UK-Soviet axis was able to break this hold in on case with their Mars Cycler.

Regarding communication services and the control over them, Would it be possible to turn Hypereux new services in a cooperation between us? With reasonable investments from most of our members we should be able to easily outcompete any competition. This would allow us to conveniently blanket the lower orbitals with our equipment.