At first look this is a great class (and I am using it in a game to use as an army)
But I came up short due to 1 single line

"The Brick Builder can have a maximum of one quarter her brick builder levels in awakened Minifigs."

Having 4 Minifigs that act autonomously simply isn't worth it, no matter how many Bricks you put into them
4 lvl16 Heroic Minifigs, 4 Awakened Minifigs, 10 Animated Minifigs and IntMod Minifigs does not an Army make

I do like the capstone of 1 Classlevel on each Minifig, as it allows a specialization for them (giving a Prestidigitation spell to the Maid Minifig for instance) but the "Become 10,000 Minifigs" is either Overpowered or Useless, depending on whether or not they have a chance of hitting at all.

Also consider making the Heroic Minifigs based on Level, not Lego Builder level to allow for better multiclassing abilities, because at -5 they are going to struggle anyway, 6+ there isn't a point
And the ability is useless at Epic Level anyway, a lvl16 (20 (your Builder level) -5 +1 (capstone)) character is cannon fodder to a level21 character and it will never improve.

You should also consider making some feats, there is little distinguishing one Brick Builder from the other, but making some variants between Minifigs and some Feats and Feat Chains will make them very distinct from each other.

You should also consider this: A Ranged Weapon with a Move Action reload requires 2 Minifigs to reload it. So you can have:
-2 of your 8 Hero/Awakened Minifigs reloading for you
-use 2 of your 10 Animated Minifigs
-use a move action to command 2 of your IntMod Minifigs.

Honestly, apart from the thematic thing of using Lego, a better minion class would be Dread Necro because they have a much higher number of Minions of various levels and the ability to increase that cap even more.