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    Wow I got a reply. I didn't think anyone read this. I will finish up the construction abilities in short order.

    To go through your queries:

    Having 4 Minifigs that act autonomously simply isn't worth it, no matter how many Bricks you put into them
    4 lvl16 Heroic Minifigs, 4 Awakened Minifigs, 10 Animated Minifigs and IntMod Minifigs does not an Army make
    I didn't want to over extend the action economy of this class too much. Breaking action economy is a fantastic ability, and I thought with too many minifigs on the board at once, it would create a class who's turn takes 10 mins and he can achieve anything in it.

    Also note that you can change your int mod minifigs that you have controlled at any time. So if you stop using the two on your bow, you could change to two that do something else. I changed it to level instead of int mod though. If you can make the concentration check it shouldn't matter. I will consider changing the animated/awakened and the level of the heroic, but not right at this moment.

    "Become 10,000 Minifigs" is either Overpowered or Useless,
    Its actually meant to be more flavour + situational escape rather than damage output, like a lot of core capstones. In addition you aren't actually 10,000 stated minifigs, you are a minifig swarm with all the swarm traits. This includes auto hitting your attack for whatever squares you are in. I might need to clarify this ability some more. I was thinking similar to the swarm shifter LA that undead can get.

    Also consider making the Heroic Minifigs based on Level, not Lego Builder level
    Your right. I'll change the scaling to go with level. Not sure about making it more than level -5 though. These guys could be any class. Some good ones are Artificer, Bard, Warlock. I can just see one of each, with the artificer giving some serious buffs to constructs, the bard also buffing, and the warlock is a great constant infinite poke damage. Hell if you took 4 warlocks you would get a huge damage increase, something like 32d6 or aprox 112 damage each round for ever, and they would be near impossible to strike with weapons due to their fine size.

    You should also consider making some feats
    I will. I didn't think anyone liked this project so I stopped before finishing it. It was a bit disheartening.

    a better minion class would be Dread Necro
    Probably. The idea is not to have an army of minifigures, but rather a gigantic lego flying tank powered by them. You could easily create a squadron of minifigs, but not an army. I will think on how to make a more balanced approach to the minifigs.

    Also, thank you for critiquing this. Please argue with me about any of the points I have made above.
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