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    If you are concerned about action economy why don't you simply employ this class feature:

    Pile of bricks
    In any one battle or area (area as defined as a circle 100ft in diameter) there may no be more than BuilderLevel * X Lego Models (Lego Models being any creation created through a Feature given by the Brick Builder class that costs 1 or more Bricks of any type). If any new Models try to join the area exceeding that limit they are automatically Deactivated

    Then add onto the Minifig and the other models this feature:
    Deactivate: The power source behind it's animation has left it temporarily. Only a creature with (Creator's Brick Building level) -4 may reactivate it
    To Deactivate requires a Full Round action by the Creator or the current wielder (if it has been sabotaged by the disable device skill). This deactivates as many Models as the Deactivator wishes that are eligible targets (usually only those Adjacent to the BrickBuilder unless they have Telekinesis)
    When deactivated it is perceived as dead in all possible ways but cannot be brought back to life by any spell. They cannot use their abilities or count as a Lego Model for the purposes of Pile of Bricks.
    Reactivation is a Standard Action that Reactivates up too IntMod Lego Models

    Deactivation is mostly so if a DM is playing an Evil Lego guy they can make a more extended boss fight by Reactivating reinforcements
    or having some way of recouping losses between fights without returning to base

    I'm typo g this on my phone so apologies for any typos. And sorry if the above abilities are longwinded, I havent gone through and edited out the redundant bits or made it more concise
    When I wake up tomorrow I'll do another more detailed critique

    And don't be disheartened by not getting reviews, sometimes even the best Homebrew can be missed here on Giant

    EDIT: just flicking through randomly and read through Feats in the Model section:
    The way it's read it can give an Epic Feat for 300 bricks. That is a bit OP when you get 100k bricks a day + 1 other level. Or even without Epic, taking every Metamagic Feat and Arcane Thesis for them too? For a few hundred GP? your wizard will love you.
    300/feat, 10 bricks for 1 GP, means a feat is 30 gold pieces
    I would suggest either a cap on the number of Feats any one person can have at any one time and a second
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