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    Well if he has extra loot then make sure other party members get a bigger share in the future. That's the obvious part.

    Lizardfolk and dragon disciple are excellent for melee btw. You could do better with splatbooks but it's almost the very best in core. EDIT: assuming he only took 1 or 2 levels of sorcerer...

    Going up a size isn't that great of a buff. It's more offense but it's also less defense (total -2 AC not -1 btw) and it costs him a round. If he doesn't have a buffing round he'll do more damage by getting into melee and hitting an extra time. That may be part of the problem: when he's standing still for a round his allies become targets. Encourage him to get into melee immediately. Foes will then have a harder time going around him when they're in melee range.

    Both of his allies do seem weaker but they've also got very good defensive abilities. With the dragon disciple in front the archer should have a safer time plinking arrows. He can also heal himself and some exceptional buffs are worth a combat round too (unlike enlarge). The shadowdancer should be using his hide in plain sight more to be frequently untouchable. At any moment he can move to hide which means he can attack, tumble away (if needed) and hide again in a single round. Then repeat each round to fight safely. It's harder if he needs to close into melee without spring attack, but then he can still hide every other round and take half damage. Both strategies do less damage than the dragon disciple but they stay out of harm's way and can contribute skills and spells later. Try some tricky dungeons instead of all hack and slash.
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