Thanks for all the feedback guys, I'm sure I'll be using it in the near future :)

And just so people know, he was reincarnated by the Druid we had before the Cleric, and she rolled on the reincarnation chart to get the Lizardfolk :P

Mind-stealing tactics are one I've used before to, uhh, great effect. Psionic glass cannon rolled a 1 on a will save and ended up annihilating the rest of the party, stopped only by a lucky Troll who was working with the party at the time :P I would fear that such a thing would occur again, but I think the other two can handle themselves better :P

I think Lizardfolk are worth the +1 Lv because of their +2 to Str and Con, as well as their +5 Natural Armour, though only just.

I'm certainly going to be screwing him over with some Grease spells now, though I think he'll start to get frustrated and throw fireballs around instead. Well, any fire resistance takes that away from him, so it should be all good :P