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That's... really twisted. They're starting you over from scratch for benefits?

Also, does that mean you'll need to be kidnapped come next June?
Essentially, they lied about everything they were going to do for us. So, at Drug Warehouse, we get our vacation renewed on our anniversary date, right? Mine is October 22 and I would get my 7 days back.
Walgreens does it by calendar year, which means their vacation (which is 2 weeks for 2 years for me, aww yeah) starts over on Jan 1st.
What they ORIGINALLY told us was that they would either pay us out for unused vacation or let the unused vacation roll over into next year AND we would get our Walgreens vacay on January 1st.
Aha, not so.
We're not getting paid for our unused vacation, and on Jan 1st we're getting a prorated number of vacation days, depending on what our Anniversary date is.

I get two days to last me a whole year.
Thankfully, vacation is rolling over. So when I get renewed at the end of this month, I get seven days. But I'm using three of those to visit the girl who roleplays as my Loki on tumblr who lives in Texas some time in November.
So, I think I'll have plenty of days left for the June Meetup. Just none for this one.