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I really don't see this as a dilemma, just a matter of perspective. Our party has a bard who puts up dragonfire inspiration during most serious battles. When that goes off on my TWF character, I can end up clearing whole swathes of enemies from the board quite easily. I know better than to take credit for this myself however. We all give the Bard his due, and recognize him as doing the heavy damage-dealing when DI is up.
Not quite. When I'm a bard, I love people with a disproportionate number of attacks just as much as I love bards when I'm the multi-attacker. Yes, the bard is awesome for giving out the damage, but you're just as awesome for having so many attacks that damage can ride on. It's pure synergy, and you should both get credit for the damage output.

So, in this case, WRT is putting more spotlight on both the initiator and the charger.