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    The Order of the Wren

    The Wren had been abed since the fight with Redeye. The twisted philosophy of the serial murderer still made him shudder, as he thought back to the frantic battle in the darkened stone head. He shook his head quickly, as if dismissing the dark thoughts, and pushed himself upright, weakly refusing Alden's protestations.

    With a gasp and a shiver throughout his body, he rose to his feet, making his way to the short balcony from which he regularly gave his speeches. This one would be short. The crowd outside was larger and more restless than it had ever been before. His celebrity had increased a great deal since that dark fight. Now the most famous serial killer the world had known, and the terror of the continent, was roughly tied below the balcony, almost naked as the baying mob fought for a scrap of his clothing as a keepsake.

    Making sure his face was covered, the Wren greeted the crowds. "Redeye is dead. His victims, however, many of them live on, and I must count myself as one of them. I have, under my protection, Doctors and children, both of whom Redeye tasked with my death, in exchange for the lives of their loved ones. They will be taken to Bloodhaven for treatment, and will not be blamed for their predicaments. I shall escort them myself. "

    "I must give particular thanks to Doctor Vassari, and his colleagues, for their knowledge of medicine and poison was invaluable in battling Redeye. I also give my thanks to King James, who graciously provided me the use of his spies, when he too was in need for them. The Ram also deserves my thanks, for his guides were also of help to me. But most of all, I thank every man and woman who fought with me against the killer, and I grieve for every one who gave their life. Operative Winters, who gave his life, and saved my own, will be remembered with honour. "

    "The struggle against Redeye has not been without cost, but it is over. We give honour to the dead, we rebuild, and we will continue on. We must." On the last word, the life seemed to go out of the Wren, and he simply nodded, spun on his heel, and returned indoors.

    To the Technists Guild
    Your organisation has made it known you have the capability of providing Blackpowder weapons. I wish to know the quality of firearms you can provide, and your price.

    The Wren.
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