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    The Champions of Sovereignty:

    Traitors Bridge:

    "The Bridge will be placed under the authority of the Throne. The proceeds from tolls on the bridge will gifted to the Mercantile guild in recognition of their previous ownership."

    Spicers Circle:

    "The neighbourhoods of Guild's Hand, and Orange Crown will be returned to the administration of the Wardens, pending sentencing for their actions."

    To the Sovereign Guilds Association (4)
    "I require permission to attend one of your meetings to discuss matters of importance"

    To Blacksage District Council (5)
    "We request the university as our compensation for helping in this conflict."

    "As a symbol of authority in the city, we desire it only for the influence that comes with owning it. We are perfectly willing to take it in name only; the Esoteric Society or any of you may be the actual owners. The owners may have all the proceeds, full authority within the school, and we'll be sure to pass all the praise onto them."

    "In effect, the only thing you wouldn't be able to do, is close the university permanently."

    "We desire nothing else. You may split the remaining neighbourhoods between you as you wish, including the Dead Campus."

    ((The university probably has about 1-2 influence. A neighbour ups your cap by two, so would be better in the long run. They might also have a few points in them already.))
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