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    Quote Originally Posted by ThiagoMartell View Post
    Oh, it's that day of the week already!
    This is a melee character edging toward the higher levels who dedicated a feat to the gnome hooked hammer and who effectively removes himself from combat for the first couple rounds of a fight.

    Specifically targeting this guy or trying to cancel him out isn't hard. Throw a wall at him, have a spider spit at him, throw an archer or a mobile combatant into play, sit on a horse and outmaveuver him, burrow, fly, hit his reflex or will saves, etc.

    But if they're fighting CR 11 monsters anyway, specifically giving the character a hard time is probably overkill. Just making CR 11 monsters pay attention target this character sounds like it'll kill him (just look at how easily effects like the Air Elemental's Whirlwind will throw this character around, how quickly a Cryohydra or dragon attacks will wear through his HP or how unfavorably trading blows with a Retriever or Wereboar Hill Giant is going to go for this guy, even if they sit on their hands for the first couple rounds, waiting for him to buff up).

    I get that some people like playing at a lower optimization level. That's fine. But treating this character as a powerhouse who needs to be specifically targeted is probably just going to kill the character; even *without* specifically targeting him, any problems there are probably not going to be long-lived.
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