Ram Revolution:

TO: The citizens of the Pits
"The gangs have finally been run out of your homes! This is a time for celebration by all. A celebration of your freedom from tyranny. To ensure the continuity of this freedom, agents of the Republican Army will soon begin assisting all adults of the city with registering to vote, before organizing several votes during which you will be free to choose your leaders, your allegiance, and your laws.

In addition, the Revolution would like to repay those who's homes have been damaged or destroyed by the fight for freedom. A fund will be set up where those who were not involved in gang activity can have their property damages repaid, though it may take time to repay in full, as we are no more than poor workers like you."

TO: Gears Chosen (D ESP 9)

Are you still planning on joining that war of yours? We have several battalions of the Revolutionary Army that are waiting for action.