[At the Cliffs]

"Ah, I see." Awkward. "I guess it shouldn't be needed then." Cessie remarks while Cora is busy attempting to suck on Wenomir's index finger. Bastion regards the demon hunter a bit more cautiously, just trying to feel his hand gently.

"They can be rather... curious." The sorceress comments, seemingly unsure what to really say.

[At the Cliffs]

A spark is brought to life just above the mages palm and slowly starts to ascend towards the sky like a sparkler. The energy is pure (elemental) light however and won't even hurt if touched.

Bastion looks around, now where did the flying lady go?
Hearing her voice he turns around with a big baby smile on his face, there she was!

Cora sits down on the spot, looking grumpy, why couldn't she get to play with the bug woman?