Journal of Zargodia 2nd overseer of Inkedbrush

Ive begun making rock pots so we can begin making more booze

I'm also starting the production of bone bolts for training

i have finished construction of the training yard and our
solders have begun training


a broglin thief was spotted outside the fort by me


but was quickly chased off by the militia

the elves have come - good thing to as we need all the wood we can get!

I bought all their wood as well as some drink and cloth

more migrants only 10 this time but nothing to special but we did get
a great siege operator! might want to set up some Batista later

a dwarf has claimed a masons workshop hope for something useful!

two kolbolds snuck in to the fort and one was killed by our military

well that dwarf that took over our masons workshop is not doing anything
so ill need to try and do something about that

nothing is really happening i expanded the food stockpile and built
another still but that's not really interesting now is it?

trainings going well and all masonry has been brought to a grinding
halt by that very picky dwarf

Oh the dwarf went Stark raving mad just after I built another masons
workshop to start up production - he will not be missed

Oh and a human caravan has come to trade sweet!

and a broglin ambush not sweet

Two! oh no

They are now engaging the merchants

Phew we won! and with only one military casualty! though they did
get our broker and the humans did get slaughtered but we won

well i asked for excitement and that's what i got its autumn now and
i think ill wrap up this entry here.

this is Zargodia 2nd overseer of inkedbrush signing out!

so yeah not much happened until that ambush but our military and the humans decimated them once they got organized