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    In response to Ashlyn whispering in Revan's ear, Revan's face goes white.

    @Ashlyn (DM)
    I do not know what you know or think you know but know this: my devotion to the light is absolute...

    My purpose here is only peripherally for scouting. I will not be returning to the inn. I will find my rest out here. As such, I may as well make my eyes useful. If you will excuse us Ryan, I have something to discuss with Myrrdin. Sleep well my friend.

    When Ryan departs, staring out into the darkness, I begin speaking to Myrrdin
    While I feel for the sadness you experience now because of the loss of your cousin, understand this: I will not tolerate threats against my person or anyone else here. This is not the place or time for such immaturity. There is far more at stake here than you understand. Revan pauses, then turns to Myrrdin Or perhaps you do. Despite your fervent love of your cousin, I do not believe that is your only purpose here. But we all have our secrets don't we... Revan turns away again. I am beginning to sense now that our goals are perhaps more closely tied than I had anticipated. I pray Leeroy's death will not prevent our cooperation towards fulfilling our goals. I also appreciate your concern today for my safety, and I thank you again for your level head. Please understand that my condition will not affect our quest. It is the dear price I pay so I may do greater good. Revan turns back to Myrrdin and smiles You should rest my friend, you are weary with the day's toil. I would now humbly ask for solitude, for I too am weary. Good night my friend.

    Also, because it's really been bothering me, the names of character are spelled as follows: Adolamin, Revan, Myrddin, Ryan :P
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