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Thread: Goblins IX: For that, you shall DIE!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Gareth View Post
    Slow down there buddy. You're reading quite a bit more into this than exists.
    No actually, what I "read into" your post is that it was "unlikely" (your word) that Duv could have the Half-celestial template which (per Starbuck II's earlier post "requires being born good, [but] you can become evil later and keep the template), presumably since as a goblin with a currently evil mission statement and raised as a "loyal daughter of an evil pantheon" (again, your words) it's "unlikely" that she could have been "born good" (whatever that means).

    My point is that that argument devolves to "behavior is dependent on the alignments we are born with end of discussion,"(*) which is precisely the idea the entire comic challenges. I further point out that the very "mission statement" you refer to indictes that she did not in fact start out to enslave the world, whatever the "pantheon" or current behavior of her tribe after perhaps some generations of her leadership-by-tradition later says, but later became evil. That does not in any way preclude the above stated requirements of the template.

    As for the rest, you're pretty much just repeating what I said myself:
    Duv was raised as the loyal daughter of Goblin gods, and why not? She was a Goblin! Since we don't get to choose our parents, we don't get to choose what their culture is, or how others label it. We just get to deal with it and make our own choices as we go.
    But as for the whole question though of "What 'template' does she have according to 'the book'" it's irrelevant. She has whatever characteristics the author wants her to have. It's not like he's never homebrewed a character before.

    (*)ETA: or if you prefer "Behavior is dictated by alignment, rather then the other way around" but the principle still holds.
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