Well I know that the Korean Strats have revolved around a very coordinated system of lane switching that's bled over to NA teams a little bit, with some addition of aggressive early game tower taking.

The only strats I picked up from WE last night was a small amount of lane switching combined with some tricky early jungle invades and their late game Corki jungle farming.

Whereas obviously CLG.EU's strat has been super late game non-engaging farm fest, coupled with tons of stalling.

The way I see it all of these strategies need the kind of teamwork that isn't welcome in a game with randoms. The current lane-meta and favorite characters aren't going to change as a result of these matches as far as I can see, with the exception of maybe increased Maokai usage.

The only other thing I've seen is the usage of more aggressive AD-top laners (less bruiser), but I feel like Dyrus kinda popularized that with Kayle a while ago.