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    Default Re: League of Legends XXXVIII: Featuring Mumble, The Giant Halibut

    What does that even mean?

    There's nothing "wrong" with "the NA meta," and I don't think that it's particularly stagnant. That's actually kind of a funny thing to say considering that the only two teams who employed particularly "cheesy" tactics, so to speak, that diverged from the current meta were CLG NA and Dignitas. Teams like TSM and Curse actually play strategies that are quite similar to those of teams like M5 and Fnatic. It's not just some "NA meta" that caused the continent to get knocked out.

    NA had a bad showing because NA has ****ty teams. CLG and Dig have had huge setbacks within the last year (the voyboy/crumbz/saintvicious teamswap was really only a win for Curse, in my opinion. Dignitas came out the worst for it) and neither have entirely come back from them. TSM made bad picks and got outplayed. The TSM vs Frost games were actually pretty enjoyable, and while TSM lost both I don't feel like they were "stomped" in anyway. They demonstrated that their teamfighting prowess is still some of the best in the world, but I felt like their picks, bans, and coordination in lane kind of left something to be desired. I still don't understand why Dyrus picked Darius into Jayce after Regi had already picked Karthus. I mean, come on. Kayle was open.
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