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No actually, what I "read into" your post is that it was "unlikely" (your word) that Duv could have the Half-celestial template which (per Starbuck II's earlier post "requires being born good, [but] you can become evil later and keep the template), presumably since as a goblin with a currently evil mission statement and raised as a "loyal daughter of an evil pantheon" (again, your words) it's "unlikely" that she could have been "born good" (whatever that means).

My point is that that argument devolves to "behavior is dependent on the alignments we are born with end of discussion," which is precisely the idea the entire comic challenges. I further point out that the very "mission statement" you refer to indictes that she did not in fact start out to enslave the world, whatever the "pantheon" or current behavior of her tribe after perhaps some generations of her leadership-by-tradition later says, but later became evil. That does not in any way preclude the above stated requirements of the template.
Umm...no. That's not the reason I gave for Half-Celestial being unlikely. The reasons are, and I shall repeat, these:

1. Malgubliyet is evil, and thus cannot (or will not) grant the template.

2. Most of Malgubliyet's church is evil, and thus granting the Half-Celestial template is a bad idea because it comes packed to the gills with crowd-unsafe weaponry.

3. Half-Celestial pretty explicitly requires that a Celestial (either a [Good]-aligned god or a normal Celestial) be involved, and even if any of them by some miracle owed Malgubliyet a favor there's no way they'd just give him one of their children.

4. There's other templates that therefore fit the situation and deity in question much better.

Had nothing to do with Duv's alignment. I postulate that she's currently evil. I never said or implied that she was born that way.