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    Default Re: League of Legends XXXVIII: Featuring Mumble, The Giant Halibut

    Maokai is already really popular, though. Tons of pro junglers play him, and nothing has really be innovated at the championships that you don't already see in solo queue.

    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn_in_Tonic View Post
    I just feel the current meta (top bruiser, AP mage mid, vaguely tanky jungler, carry/support bot lane) is a bit boring, and, even when switched up, isn't as interesting as it could be. It's far from WRONG...it just makes a whole bunch of champions into rarely-used edge cases, which I find unfortunate.
    "Far from wrong" is pretty much exactly how I would describe it, because in essence is just revolves around placing champions into the roles with which they have the most synergy. That is to say, the "meta" is "put champions where they work best."

    Bruiser top isn't necessarily part of the meta, and the champions that actually fill each lane are less important than the lane set-up in general.

    Champions who are rarely-used edge cases more often than not are ignored because their design is lacking rather than their place in the meta. A solid 60% of the champion base has been picked or banned at the championships thusfar, and that's a strong showing.
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