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    Quote Originally Posted by Djinn_in_Tonic View Post
    Hopefully kill it stone dead, although that's unlikely.

    *hates the stagnancy of the current meta*
    If you haven't noticed, these games only served to further entrench the meta, but in a different way.

    Look at the winning teams: TPA, CLG.EU, WE, M5, and AZF: What meta breaking picks or strats did they use? Nothing. CLG.EU is playing surprisingly standard, and m5, while their picks are not FOTM, they are all certainly strong, viable, and have seen tournament play.

    What are these tourements emphasising? Frankly, things that can't and probably won't happen in solo queue. Lemme explain:

    1) The Important of a good Level 1:
    Watch these games, look at pro responses. Level 1 has become ****ing important. We are seeing teams literally claim all 4 buffs in a matter of seconds. I remember WCG 2010 NA Qualifers when CLG's jungle (Kobe24) had to actually duo lane with their mid laner because he couldn't jungle without level 2. Now junglers are getting super leashes while the top laner will take blue or red, port and return to lane, often without teleport (actually, that's another funny thing right: The only team to use Teleport is CLG, and they ... aren't doing it very well, yet the important of global ults, especially Karthus/Shen is ... very obvious).

    2) The important of early game advantages via lane swaps and roaming: Dig has roam taric, and while it failed pretty terribly, it was a very poor attempt to mimic what other, better, teams are doing with aggressive lane swaps (double mid, double top, blue buff solo bot, etc). For the longest time now, players have known that 1-2 kills, especially in top lane or bot lane, can really snowball the lane. Before, people attempted to get these kills through a few carefully crafted, well executed ganks, primarily from the jungler alone. Now 3 man, or 4-5 man "ganks" happen all the time. Players show up, and they don't just kill: they push until the enemy responds. 1-2 kills can mean a team loses red, a tower and dragon. That's 4k gold, not including the actual kill and missed farm. Again: I don't see this as likely in Solo Queue. Obviously it will devolop, especially the ganking, but not the aggressive lane swaps. The need for communication and the ability to actually play a 2v1 WITHOUT hyper sustain and/or getting blue buff is... difficult. People used to 2v1 with heroes like Chogath and Galio, who usually built very tanky, had sustain, and usually took teleport. They also lane swapped all the time to prevent the enemy from denying their solo lane a lot. Now people just lane standard regardless and accept that the solos will end up behind in farm.

    This isn't something I am likely to see in solo queue, at least at mid-low elo. Far too many players prefer to simply play standard and 1v1. The importance of wards in these sort of high roam, early-game intensive, is to such a degree that WE's support literally bought gold/10s and wards the 52 minutes of the original remake of Game 2 vs. CLG.EU. He probably bought 2x as many wards as your average team does at my elo, even in a ranked 5s, serious, environment. The point is: the idea of warding early and often doesn't exist and people play to that.

    Lane swaps don't happen. Its too complicated. It requires too much communication. It requires a willing partner. It requires faith in teammates. None of this is the rule in Solo Queue. Its often the exception. Its a rare team that can execute even the most basic level 1 effectively, at least at my elo.

    The META, by which I mean, a tank/bruiser jungle, a tank/bruiser/AP solo, an AP solo, and a support/AD duo remains intact. Even when it doesn't (IE Duo mid, solo top AD, which has happened occasionally) the support never gets farm and the jungler often favors support items (gold/10, wriggles, oracles, and aegis/shurelias) to carry items such as Triforce, Deathcap, Infinity Edge, etc. This is simply how the game is, and I don't see that changing.

    The ONLY thing I expect to see out of what we are seeing at Worlds is maybe more roaming. Arguably, this has already happened. The days of "sit in lane for 20 minutes" are numbered. And while certainly I've played many solo queue games where that DOES happen, its more of a result of teams stalemating and refusing to teamfight because... honestly, I think most players in solo queue really enjoy laning (even in duo lanes... I think).

    My point is: Surprisingly, World's only further entrenches so much of the meta that League is built on.

    If, by some strange method, I have completely misread what you meant: please, explain to me what you mean by "the meta."

    As for shaking up the meta: I hope we see some more experimentation from the regular players. Right now Voli/Kayle bot is the extent people would even reasonably go.
    That's not even a reasonable lane... honestly. If you want a kill lane pick Corki/Ez/Graves and then pick Leona/Blitz/Taric/Sona. If you want kayle send her somewhere that doesn't get destroyed playing against 2 ranged heroes (If Kayle is able to effectively farm vs. a Corki+Sona lane then the Sona is terrible and the corki doesn't understand what harass is). If you want to play Voli you need to put him somewhere where having a point-blank ranged initiate spell doesn't hurt him: Ie not in a lane where practically every hero has a disengage (Vayne has 2, Corki has a massive one, Sivir has one, Ez has one, Graves has two . . . you see my point).

    Again: The meta has remained very, very stable. What is evolving is not hero pick strats (these are ... largely the same: build team comps you are comfortable with that have as many "OP" heroes as you can possible get) but plays made in the game. People are beginning to exploit timing windows and "cheese" strats to gain a temporary advantage which can be used to create a permanent advantage.
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