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Thread: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

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    When I was looking over the town, did the undead seem to have some common direction? e.g. were they randomly moving or going in organized search patterns? Also, did any see any other humans trapped in the town?

    About the fog, is it distinct from the mists?
    could I locate those three points that the fog is coming from if I saw a map of Barovia, or could I find them on my own?
    Survival check (if relevant):

    I apologize for all of the out of chronological sequence stuff, but did my Blink dog tell me if Riven was up to anything before I took watch with him?

    Also, standing instructions about collecting scrying components are still relevant. I am obviously focusing more on Riven then Adolimin (e.g. I won't grab Adolimin's component unless I can clearly do it without suspicion)

    While we are on the topic of super paranoia, I am watching my own nail clippings, bits of hair etc. I will try to gather them up and dispose of them the next time I return to the woods.

    Also, @Ashlyn
    He 'could' be the death of all of us? You are not inspiring me with much confidence. Also about the Tome of Strahd.. It has a name? What rumors do you know of it? Also, if you know of anyone who could tell me of the history or legends of Barovia, I would be very grateful.


    OOC:You came up with a much better system then I did, Jan is directed here as well

    Yes, I agree that we should avoid violence unless we have no other choice. He is after something, something he thinks that he cannot get on his own. Thats why he is playing nice. Otherwise, he would have turned on us the moment that we arrived in town, when he had access to potential servants. I have my own theory: he is looking for the source of the zombie plague. Such a disease could be a significant weapon to anyone who had power to command the undead. Imagine this blight unleashed in a slum in one of the larger cities of Tevinter, within a day you would have your own army. Notice how he changed his mind to go with Ashlyn, once the two of you announced your intentions to see Madame Eva? If he heads out to the church tomorrow and discover the true source of the plague, then would be the best time for him to turn on us.

    OOC: see @Adolimin


    Myrddin stands still, his shoulders tensing as Riven mentions secrets

    "You remind we an awful lot of someone I used to know...

    That is quite the nerve, Revan, to portray yourself as the victim in this affair. It was you who shed my family's blood, with that cursed abomination. You are very fortunate that I follow a God of Mercy, otherwise we not be talking to each other on such pleasent terms. The only things that I threaten are the Undead, and the other monsters that threaten these people.

    You claim to act 'for the greater good'? People bring out this mythical 'greater good' right before they justify some monstrous act. This greater good, that only those on their, self appointed high perches can see. They look would look over these people, view them as simple, as ultimately unimportant compared to whatever they had in mind. Only because they had the fortune of noble birth, or a gift of magic, or strength of arms. The only thing that is important is the individual people who you meet along the way. In the few years I have walked this world, one of the only things that I am certain of is that there is no greater good that we mortals can see. I know right, and I know wrong, and I learned the good grace to know which was which. Nothing else matters. I payed far too much for that particular lesson...

    You want my friendship? Only the gods' know how such a thing will be possible. If you want my trust, you can earn it tomorrow by helping these people.

    Myrddin nods towards Riven, and then resumes staring out into the fog.
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