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    Ewww. No. No way. On that note, I want my Social Event Group to do a New Years thing together. The guys sometimes do something together and the girls always do, but never together. Except ****. I'm suppose to go out to Chicago over Christmas Break. Which includes New Years. Dilemma.

    Yes and I actually decided to focus while typing. Which I wouldn't be able to do if I were properly drunk. Or so I'd assume.
    So... I can sees beard? And you drunk? And then has discussion where we hear each others voices? *still not sure if we even CAN meetup, so theres that problem.*

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    I read Gundam Seed as Gundam Style.
    I did too. Its where gundam brings my mind now. ROBOTS COME TO MY BWAIN!
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    Can only thank GitP for being so good for so long.
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    If it helps, think of me as the Agent from Serenity. Just not that good a fighter. Also, I have a mustache.
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    I'm probably hilarious far off, aren't I?
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    This is not... the greatest story Tolkien ever wrote. No... This is just a tribute.
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    don't feed the troll...

    A pile of thanks piled on other thanks to Teddy for photorealistic avatar.