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*shows Cobra*

*feel better he can blame adult for this*

...*still doesnt knowwhat hes supposed to do*

Editsss: Happily (or not, but i doubt the enjoyablity of these things, so mostly just happily) that kinda female-on-male fashion murders has never happened to me.

Oh god. blooooood. Ita gonna get on cobraaaa. *throws moonie a towel and shoves her out of... Wherever this this? Blood is SOnot needed.)
Oh, so innocent, Mutant!

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I don
t knwo. I'm hnot hammered, because I know I am making bad mistakes, but I dont want to crredct them so when I'm totally sober I can see how bad I was.

I don't know whta to tell you. Get On AIM?
I know the feeling. That's basically what I was doing a few days ago after drinking something, which I can't remember. Although it was more that I didn't care about fixing them, as I normally am very uptight about being properly spellious.

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Yay my benefit! I love having you guys as friends. Moony, Cobra, Blue, Teddy, Mattos, Pinkhair, Coidzer, AT, Sheepie, everyone who matters to me that I don't have time to write...thank you.
<hugs> Not sure what is bringing this on, but anything for feeling like you're not totally alone! <huggles> LALALALALALA

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I now feel bad for ebfjn g frunk.

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See, if a bunch of girls gang up on a guy and braid his hair and put makeup and nail polish on him, that's all good fun.

If a bunch of guys were to gang up on a girl, unbraid her hair, and remove her makeup and nail polish, that's traumatizing and would probably result in assault charges being pressed.

What? I'm not bitter about my sisters putting sparkly purple nail polish on my fingers that didn't come off so I had to go to school like that the next day ... that's a ridiculous thing to think...
Not if they're all friends and the girl didn't mind anyway.

Hehe! ^.^

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ION: if the ego of Sauron and Raz_Fox got together and had a baby, my brother's ego would be the baby.


Wait, what did I just say? Dad is a jerky jerk hole with a side of butterscotch pudding
Are you drunk too?

ION: Godsdammit, my brother is being a ****. Why always like this Brother?!?!