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    ION: Godsdammit, my brother is being a ****. Why always like this Brother?!?!
    Because all brothers, upon reaching the age of 5, sign a pact to always annoy their sisters at every opportunity. Personally, I was an annoyance prodigy and got to sign the pact at the age of 3. Of course, no brother is allowed to tell his own sister, and will deny the existence of any such pact if pressed on the matter.

    Edit: the group who created the pact is called the Brothers Of Sisters Society, or BOSS. We wouldn't use the "of" in the acronym, but it makes it much cooler.
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    BY THE HEAVENS! Dimonite! You are even more awesome than I thought!
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    *high fives!*
    That was awesome, made me smile.
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    THIS aberrant, ancient evil ain't no playa! I'm gonna take care of my little Meduthids and my Spawnling Mama! Besides which--the Old Ones know the Elder Brain keeps pestering me about giving it some Grandspawnlings...
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