The issue of power level is also known to me. Perhaps I could...

- Take 5 levels of ex-cleric. 5 dead levels should even things out, considering that ur-priest doesn't get any better after 15th.
- Restrict my spells to core. The majority of abusable spells (gate, miracle, astral projection and etherealness) don't work, have reduced usefulness, or have fluff problems (requesting a deity's intercession? eeeeeh...)
- remind Togo that even with the practiced spellcaster feat, I'm casting my cleric spells at CL 14 - for example, I can't even cast Create Greater Undead, no matter how hard I try. I can't even cast a blasphemy that can inflict harm on friendly PCs.
- Houserule my alignment to chaos/neutrality.
- Restrict my ability to steal spell-like abilities in some way. Perhaps a ridiculously hard check or something.