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I lack aspergers and also enforce the no singing rule, if only for mental sanity, this is universal of siblings. As for how silent treatment can get someone to almost crash a car... I have no idea apart form psionics.
He tells me to stop singing if I'm anywhere in the house. When doing grocery shopping a few days ago, he tried to get me to stop talking entirely.

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*sympathizes, but...*

Your brother can get you to stop singing just by telling you to? I have to hugsquish my sister to make her stop, and that only works because it restricts airflow.
Well, he's only here for a week, I try and be as accommodating as possible. And he puts me in strangleholds all the time anyway. Like, for no reason, if I go near him, his arm goes around my neck.

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I just think that blood makes this scene a bit... Oh god.
Speelinga. who cares, amirigeth, gais?

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Um. So why aren't you singing constantly and non-stop?

...I shudder to think of what punishments are in order for trying to crash the car...
Because I don't want him to be mad at me.

Nothing. He leaves tomorrow, and this is exactly like the other times. We just rant about to eachother when we're the only ones around and pretend everything is okay otherwise.

ION: just walked downstairs humming. First thing Brother says to me after not seeing me for a few hours is "Shh!"