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Appendix to A Feast for Crows notes that "Dorne was the last of the Seven Kingdoms to swear fealty to the Iron Throne."

I think the Riverlands must be the non-kingdom. There was a king in the North, a Storm-King, a king of the Reach (which House Tyrell was steward to), a kingdom of Mountain and Vale, the kingdom of the Iron Islands, and--I think anyway--a western kingdom.

Also, I love how in that appendix:

King Tommen's kittens (Ser Pounce, Lady Whiskers, and Boots) are listed as characters.
Actually, now that I think about it, I think the kingdoms were listed as: The Kingdom of the North, the Kingdom of Vale and Sky, the Kingdom of the Isles and Rivers, Kingdom of the Rock, Kingdom of the Reach, Kingdom of the Stormlands and Dorne.

That comes out to seven.