I feel like I need to clarify some things:

Take my word when I say the charger really is the best option to WRT in almost every fight. The players are me (partybuffer), the charger, a dex-based meleer, and a sorcerer who seems more focused on not dying when it comes to combat. Since I don't want to WRT myself my second best option is the dex-based meleer - who is perfectly competent, btw, but just doesn't get charger levels of damage for obvious reasons.

Also, not to split hairs, but the charger isn't an ubercharger. He's a practically optimized character who does his thing and does it well. Combats end relatively quickly because he's specialized in damage. Just one WRT can comprise a large fraction of a fight.

While I understand that the buffer gets his share of the glory, that's me. I'm fine with my contributions. Unlike Dragonfire Inspiration (or other party-wide buffs), White Raven Tactics only affects one person; and beyond passive bonuses to attack/damage/whathaveyou, it gives that player more time in meat space to do his combat thing. I'm worried that I'm going to marginalize the other players and directly cause them to have less fun in combat. On the other hand, using WRT on someone else seems to go against my character's motivations and against sound tactics in general. Unless the "perspective" I'm missing is that I shouldn't care about the other players, I still see the dilemma.

Also, I don't think anyone brought it up yet, but talking to the players about this directly seems incredibly awkward. Talking to the DM about it just seems like an invitation for the charger to get countered, which is lame sauce on my part.