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    Quote Originally Posted by The Alexandrian View Post
    [Fortress Mountain]

    It's a lie! All of it! Everything is false! A sham! Monkeyshines! Malarkey! Nothing makes sense anymore! Nothing! The world is falling apart! I can see forever! Someone divided by zero! Ahhhh-

    Oh wait. Day completed the ritual of the high-five. He'll live! This time...

    "Oh, you can play hundreds of games on this console, Day. Games like Super Smash Sisters, Legend of Link, Minecarp, Glass Effect, Half-Scythe, Psycholots, Dead Mace, Dead Smilin', James Blonde, Marcio, Jelli Knights, Jelli Academy, Wormz, HAL-No!, Cures of Mankey Island, and Super Salad Boy to name a few! And you can get more from the internet! And watch videos on Nextube!"

    More fun than a barrel-full of monkeys consolidated into one small box! Heck, Day could even go so far as to cram monkeys into barrels if he chose to play Donkey Con!
    Minecarp... I see wut you did there.

    But as wonderously awesome as most of that list sounds, Day doesn't look too enthused. While Clarissa's been listing off the console's repertoire of wonders, his normally pallid skin tone has steadily lost even more pigment, leaving him looking white as a sheet and quite frankly terrified. "Aw ****."

    "Okay, we gotta go right now!" Vaulting from his chair so fast it goes spinning away and chucking the controller aside, Day grabs for Clarissa's arm, trying to pull her to her feet and towards the door. "He's really angry right now so you should be ready to get yelled at and insulted so just try to look professional and cold and probably less pretty would be good too!"
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