[Xar'Cha Palace]

"So it's true then? You all are really like that. Nothing matters but the power you can gain, even if it means stepping on the backs of your kin?" Aly'ithra looks hurt, but not so much as she might be. It seems she had been warned against this. "I should have known from the look of this place. Gods, how naive am I? Thinking this was some sort of fairy tale, that I'd have a happy ending? No, I understand now. Thank you." She pulls the symbol of Lolth up over her head and holds it out to Irzayle. "And thank you for your hospitality. If you wish to be repaid, I'll be staying at the Black Dragon's Den a bit longer, at least until I can find a way home." The symbol trembled in her hand. She was barely holding it together.