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    Dear God, I just noticed the news post.

    Many prayers for a fast and complete recovery. And, in the future, try not to argue with plate glass. But seriously, get well.

    As someone who was injured in a car accident (not my fault, rear ended and car totaled), I can only say: go to every one of your physical therapy sessions, no matter what. I missed a few due to life and work, and that hurt me when it came to the settlement in ways I never knew until it happened. Apparently, missing a few physical therapy sessions is ammunition for the insurance company of the guy* who rear ended me and totaled my car and wrecked my knee and neck, because it obviously indicates that I wasn't hurt very much. Yeah. So, if this was in any way a two party accident, cover your bases.

    I've now got a sketchy knee (I can do a couple flights of stairs. Any more and I'm limping for a day. I used to run/jog for exercise, that isn't possible anymore. I walk a lot) and a cricked neck and that will be with me for the rest of my life. The other parties insurance paid for my PT, but that didn't fix me, it just made the pain go away for a little while.

    * The guy was very apologetic, and honestly came clean that he was talking to his wife in the passenger seat and was distracted and that's why he hit me. It was his insurance company who was my major opponent, not the insured.
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