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    Default Re: League of Legends XXXVIII: Featuring Mumble, The Giant Halibut

    Quote Originally Posted by Nadevoc View Post
    Ah, yeah, mighta been. I don't really have an issue with the lack of soundproof booths, personally. Yes, the crowd will occasionally give away that's something's happening, but they don't give away what. So if you start flinching every time the crowd gets excited, you'll probably end up hurting your game overall. Just stick a curtain/sheet/something between the players and the giant screen showing the omnipotent view and you're good, in my opinion.
    This reminds me in a MLG SC2 game where both players were about to do something to the other. One was about to make a push while deploying nukes as traps while the other was sneaking a huge drop into their opponents base. Both players were sneaking on doing these things at the exact same time and thought the huge crowd cheers were for what they were doing when, suddenly, they found themselves in a HUGE base race situation when they realized that each others armies had snuck into each others main. It was really entertaining to watch.
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