So I've been playing (or reading, or viewing, or whatever the verb is for a visual novel) Fate/Stay Night, and have realized that

a) almost all of the things Caster does could be duplicated by a pre-archmastery Mage, albeit one with mastery of four or five Arcana.
b) the setting of FSN integrates pretty well with the World of Darkness.

Naturally I ended up thinking about how to run a Holy Grail War in the WoD. Servant summoning would use the rules from Summoners with some modifications to allow other supernaturals to summon. Servants would be equivalent to rank 4 or 5 spirits, significantly more powerful than average characters but not completely overpowered. After all,
Rin manages to blow Berserker's head off once, nulls Caster's magic and nearly beats her to death, and a buffed-up Kuzuki nearly kills Saber barehanded.

Current ideas for the Servant line-up:
Archer: ???
Assassin: Hassan-i-Sabbah as an Ascending One (Hunter)
Berserker: The Beast of Gevaudan (Werewolf) or Frankenstein's monster (Promethean)
Caster: generic mage of Atlantis
Lancer: Dracula or Longinus (Vampire)
Rider: Orpheus or Inanna (Sin-Eater)
Saber: Saint George (gender-flipped, of course) (Hunter)

Any suggestions or comments?