We have a guy who tries to have broken characters in every campaign, often be outrageous interpretations of rules or simply "misunderstanding" them. Here is another issue that I need help understanding. As I am very new to 4e (he usually tried to do this in the 3.5e campaigns).

He has a dragonborn, I think only level 4 or 5, and he is taking feats that add different elements to his breath attack, and deals a LOT of damage. Right now he has 4 elements (fire, cold, electric, and acid) and apparently he can do a MINIMUM of 44 damage, and does over 100 on a critical. He said he adds strength mod + con mod + 1/2 HD + ?d6 EACH, then adds them together. This is only 1 /day, but seems he is stretching this way too much.

Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

Much appreciated guys, thank you.