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Here's why: Your point that I took umbrage with (this one) essentially made the distinction between good DMs and bad DMs so harsh and unforgiving that anyone trying DMing out for the first time is automatically a bad DM and the value judgement placed in that comment made it out that there was no point in playing with a bad DM, and thus no point in playing with a "new DM" either (hence the comment about a catch-22).
So, if I understand your argument, considering something a mark of bad DMing indicates that all those who do it are bad DMs, and should be avoided? I don't think that really follows; it's possible to be a kinda lousy DM without being horrendous enough to avoid, and it's possible to do some things that are generally bad DMing without actually being a bad DM.

On the other hand, some things really aren't very helpful for new DMs, or nearly anyone, to try: they will almost always turn out poorly, as you yourself admit. In what way then is warning new DMs off from them unhelpful, whether with the tag "bad DMing practice" or something else?