I haven't been able to play much for the last couple of weeks. My gunzerker is level 31 now and I'm taking it at a leisurely pace. Unfortunately, I'm back on the Jakobs wagon since the only guns I've found that have value are Jakobs, ugh.

I was doing splendidly with Moxxi's Good and Bad touch. They spewed out a good amount of ammo with two different element types at an acceptable amount of damage per bullet. Then I encountered two gold drops while putzing around. I can't recall the names but I know what they are.

The first was a Bandit-style SMG that shot 163x2 damage and had a slag elemental component. The magazine size was 89 and this worked remarkably well with the other gold drop: a Jakobs assault rifle that does a whopping 971 a hit. The first is a level 16 weapon that I've since replaced. The second is a level 26 and I've yet to find an acceptable assault rifle replacement. I've tried numerous options ranging the whole color spectrum, save for gold, and nothing compares. I'm reaching the point where that's going to happen though as I found a Jakobs sniper rifle, without a scope, that deals 1598 and a pistol with a ridiculously fast reload speed that hits for 1012. The only problem is gunzerking is now a finger-flapping experience that is a bit sub-optimal.

Ah well. I'll just keep hitting King Mong a few times as he always seems to drop at least one blue and one purple/gold. Last night as I was winding down, I killed him again and nabbed a gold rocket launcher. It does something ridiculous like ~5000x6 but only has an accuracy of 50%. I guess it's a saturation weapon, which works well for me.