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    Quote Originally Posted by Sgt. Cookie View Post
    Law and Order combo? I'm playing Zer0 myself, and I've never heard of it.
    You take the Jakobs pistol Law you get from the Marshall in Sanctuary (side quest where you have to accuse a quadruplet of a crime, after returning from The Highlands), it has +100% melee damage. Then you take the shield Order (side quest where you have to accuse one of four friends that stole money, after assaulting Angel's Core Room), a maylay shield. Tried making that the least spoilery possible.

    These two items have a bonus when used together, and that's that you recover health equal to the melee damage done with Law. A powerful tool for melee Zer0. It can carry you from once you get it till True Vault Hunter mode, and a bit beyond. Unfortunately I had to re-spec out to a Cunning based build because the poor shields and meleeing just didn't work together at the time. I'm thinking of trying it again once I can get together a level 50 Law and Order pair.
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