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Heh. You get used to different levels of satisfying. Perils of putting on the big boy pants, I suppose. And if we're still talking sleep, I've mentioned that I generally get proper rest even with such a full day. Maybe it's just me, and I'm just lucky. Also, I study two days on, one day off, so that day off I can usually catch up with my fun, doing whatever. Used to be hanging out with the girlfriend, but heh.

Anyway, the one thing I learned from having to live like an adult: it generally sucks.
Preaching to the choir, my freind. My discipline is directly porportionate to my care level. Though I have been lucky in that I seem to be able to easily recover with far lower amounts of sleep than is healthy. Still, I generally find the argument that 'you get used to it' doesn't really lessen the levels of suckyness of a situation. I mean...

"Dude! You just shot me in the foot!"
"Eh. You'll get used to the pain."
still hurts, damnit

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I only just noticed that I've been listening to Gangnam Style parodies for a little over an hour now.. I can't stop listening to them!

The last one is my all-time favourite though.
I... what... but.... YEARGH! sick and wrong! X.x