The dragonshield uses a dirty trick, and before Zimelda even knows what is happening, she's on the floor, bleeding freely from a grievous wound to her side. The world goes black...

A moment later, her eyes flutter open. Alessa and Arjhan's efforts bring her back to consciousness. With a growl of effort, the Drow quickly staggers to her feet. However, it is clear that she has little fight left in her. Blood is running from the corners of her mouth, her breathing is shallow, and her stance is off as she favors her right side. Blood is also trickling down the side of her armor from the wound and the joints, pooling around her boot. Another hit, and she may go down again. Permanently.

Of course, that doesn't stop her from making a ferocious snarl and smashing her mace into the face of the kobold who struck her down a moment before.


Movement: Stand Up

Priest's Shield on Dragonshield 2.
(1d20+6)[16] vs AC
(1d8+4)[6] damage
+1 AC to her and Arjhan if hit