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    Quote Originally Posted by Artemis97 View Post
    [Xar'Cha Palace]

    One of the nearby drow laughs at Tobias' remark. She was a drowess, nearly identical to the one who had earlier accompanied Sornnolu, though her hair was styled differently, and she wore a gold dress accented with a blue spider on her hip where the fabric gathered and a long slit began. Twins, it would seem.

    "Do you truly think us so uncivilized?" Bae'kiira Auvryana asks, a wicked smile on her face, much more predatory that her sister's welcoming expression had been. Tobias will also notice that she wore a symbol of Llolth, depicting the spider queen herself, on a cameo tied around her throat with a length of ribbon.
    Not at all! I apologize if I gave the wrong impression. I think the drow are very civilized. Tobias smiles back, only a bit less predatory. He doesn't have a very good opinion of "civilized" people. He also doesn't bow when the Matron enters, but why should he? He notes the Matron's symbolic possession of Remnant's icon. So the drow had Remnant's protection... That was disturbing. He had yet to assess the character of these people, but if they, as a group, were truly Evil... the Commander of HALO had a duty to fight them, even if he very much does not want to battle with a numberless army of elite soldiers in power armor.
    Tobias starts to look like he could use a drink.
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