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Morph: Thanks! And was it you who had the EGS avvie?
No probs. And yeah, I did, for a brief while. I went back to this old one of mine, because I liked it a lot better and think its more representative of me.

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I'll look into taking her on a date...any ideas (aside from coffee or bar)? I've honestly never had the opportunity to do so without it being fully in a relationship or not.
Anything I can think of besides coffee or bars sound significantly more date-like. Seriously, coffee or a bar isn't all that date-like really. I've gone to bars with girls who didn't consider it a date-like situation at all.

(For comparison, the other things that popped so quickly into my head include: movie, swimming, karaoke bar, bowling, miniature golf.)

At any rate, I'm very happy for you that you found someone, Mortal Wombat.