Grim watched Brando leave, then looked back at Harry. "Oh, you wanted me to go now? Sure ... I'll check for vagrants, did you say?"

Standing up, he glanced around for a minute, then grinned at Amber. "Have fun playing mystic doctor. See ya around ..."

Grim stepped outside, looking around for the inevitable attack he expected. Not seeing anything, he saw Brando heading towards his car, on the phone. Waiting for a moment, he gestured at the lycanthrope. "Hey, can you drop me off in town?"

Just need a ride to downtown, so Grim can head to the Healing Place (remember, the ol' "homeless shelter that's a good place to sleep when you don't have a home, provides lots of scuttlebutt (some good, some bad), and is frequented by drug users (which limits the amount of vampire targeting)" ... Grim will check with Crazy Joe and the others to see if there's any info there.

Not sure that the gun range will have anything (especially at this time of night).

There's also Cortisha's Coffee ... by the way, did that take the place of our proposal: "Magic, Mysteries and the Metaphysical (usually called M3P by the regulars), a local book shop that tailors to the occult and mystical side of things - the perfect place to research what's out there and how to survive an encounter with things that go bump in the night."? If it exists, we should probably check there, too.

Here's a couple of rolls ... Contacts (+1): (4d3-7)[3] to find info
Investigation (+2): (4d3-6)[3] to think of other places to search
Awareness (+5): (4d3-3)[6] to avoid getting ambushed