Greetings people,

I'm new here, And I try to be open about somethings and closed about what I view is personal. But a quick summery,

I am a 35 male, asexual(Gray), Raised my right hand once, I was the bullied kid in school, Came up though the LD program due to poor social development skills (There are layers of irony in that decision that are geological in magnitude), I have worked in the technical field for about 15 years and i have half a decade of training in my field (electronics), And spent a decade providing assisted living care for a stroke patent.

I have been seeing a professional for about two year, My diagnosed conditions is mostly anxiety related and adhd, with some avoidant personalty and ptsd tossed in there for good measure.

The last few years have changed alot of who I am on many levels, So although I am seeing a professional, I am also relearning alot of basic skills, (although some of the people nearest and dearest to me are implieing that I am learning some of the social skills for the first time)
I understand to an fair extent this is at the expense of other people. I try to do what I can to mitigate that, So in that effort I am opting for a semi-explicit disclosure.

Now that my disclaimer is done, I'm actually enjoying reading these forums. My first encounters with Role-playing games was when I was enlisted, 2nd edition, rifts and whitewolf were the systems we used mostly.

Well that is enough TMI and ramblings for me for now.