We'll see what we want, I suppose...

Chapter 25, Week 18, Mood Willfull, Part 1
When Put Like That, My Part in This Sounds Kind of Meaningless.


Now, for some reason, you guys all wanted to go to the dungeons.
You are aware we do not get bigger bonuses for being more willful (our dominant mood), right? I keep saying this. You know that this choice can only result in making the game harder, right?

Well, anyway, I'm only here to press buttons and commentate. To the dungeons!

Our current skills....

It appears the next buttons I press is to get us through some more intrigue. As I like intrigue, this is good.

So, today's lessons appear to be themed around gay people. Is the priestess Duchess of Hellas, or is Hellas Brin? I can't recall.

That second one really ought to help Elodie later. But it doesn't...Or am I confusing place names (fantasy names are, if you haven't noticed, not a strong suit).
Anyway, that's not a really big concern for us right now.

This can only end badly.

You're moving with such enthusiasm that you don't realise you father isn't alone until it's too late to avoid him and his...companion.

I'm not normally given to calling any lady a floozy, but... I think this calls for an exception.
Our daddy's with some floozy!

She's a year younger than our fiance, all told. I love the emphasis on the 'not' there.
She has two minor titles, no husband, and your father's arm in her grasp.
How dare she make a move on your father?

Princess Elodie will not stand for this!

The question is...How do we exact our revenge?